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Located in Nassau County, Lynbrook, NY is a small village of just under 20,000 residents on the south shore of Long Island. Many residents of the area find that property in Lynbrook, NY is the perfect place to raise a family, while still being located close to larger cities. If you have a career in NYC, the commute to Lynbrook, NY is simple due to the various modes of transportation, including the Long Island Railroad, and many enjoy being able to escape the busy city life by spending time in a more suburban area. Lynbrook, NY boasts several recreational activities to enjoy, shopping to explore, beautiful beaches and parks, as well as a number of restaurants and bars to relax in.


On the days when you are not eating out, being able to supply your pantry and refrigerator with quality food items is crucial to making sure you have the fuel to get through your busy day-to-day lifestyle. Whether you live alone and cook for one, or have a growing family, having healthy foods in your home can make all the difference. Not only does Wild by Nature focus on providing healthy options for our customers in the Lynbrook, NY area, but we are passionate about teaching our customers how to take fresh produce, fresh seafood, and our local bakery items and transform them into meals you can fully enjoy while feeling good about what nutrients are going into your body. Along with our whole food items, Wild by Nature is proud to provide a wide range and selection of nutritional supplements to help bridge any gaps in your nutritional needs, allowing you to feel your best.


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Our staff is passionate about all things food, and being able to provide specialty items allows our customers to have fun in the kitchen. Food is a great way to bond with friends and family, therefore if you are entertaining, being able to stop by one grocery store to find everything you need can make the experience that much more enjoyable. We can help you put together the perfect grocery list to fill your home with great options when you are hosting, provide grocery delivery service if you are tight on time, or offer premade and prepped options such as salads, sandwiches, and sushi to go when you need a quick and easy meal.


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