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East Setauket has a rich history, dating back to colonial times. The area played a role in the American Revolutionary War, with the Battle of Setauket taking place in 1777. Today, the community has a lot to offer its residents. From its picturesque parks and nature reserves to the historic events throughout the year, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. East Setauket, NY has become a beautiful home to many young professionals and growing families.


Whether you have a family or live alone, it’s important to put a healthy meal on the table every night. Fresh produce and meat provide a range of benefits for your overall well-being. While you can find a range of natural and organic products online, you will find many more quality options on the local level. For those looking to stock their cupboards with locally sourced products, turn to Wild by Nature.


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Since 1994, our grocery store has strived to provide a high-quality selection of natural and organic products for residents across East Setauket, NY and the surrounding regions. We carry all types of fresh produce, baked goods, nutritional supplements, artisanal cheeses, meat, seafood, sushi to go, and so much more. Whether you’re planning a hearty Sunday meal, a romantic dinner, or anything in between, we’re here to help. Visit our local bakery grocery store in East Setauket, NY to see our range of options for yourself!