September 2018 Healthy Seminars

Art of Eating-Discovering what Truly Nourishes You!

Darlene Buro, a certified health and wellness coach, will explain why diets don’t work and the difference between the good and bad food. She will explain the art of eating through a more intuitive way of eating which will help you stay tuned into your body and your appetite.
Presented by: Darlene, Buro, Certified Health & Wellness Coach
West Islip: Saturday, September 1st
Time: 11am-12pm

How to Stay young your first 100 years!

Why lose mobility at 45, better at 105! Learn how to keep it!
Learn how just a few minutes a day to improve and can extend your ability to be mobile!
Presented by: Dr. Neil Donohue, DC & Wellness Consultant
Hampton Bays: Thursday, September 6th
Time: 6-7pm

The Calming Effects of Meditation

Meditation can have a soothing effect on the nerves. Experts have proven that meditation alone can dramatically reduce the many negative effects brought about by anxiety.
Come learn a simple but time tested technique and see for yourself the calming and positive benefits that can be derived.
Presented by: Rosanna Jimenez, CHHC
West Islip: Monday, September 10th
Huntington: Monday, September 24th
Time: 7-8pm

How to Turn your Body into a Muffin Top Burning Machine!

Learn how 25 minutes of cardio and resistance training a couple of times a week can accelerate your ability to release those stubborn pounds!
Presented by: Dr. Neil Donohue, DC & Wellness Consultant
Hampton Bays: Tuesday, September 11th
Time: 12-1pm

The Benefits of Essential Oils

Please join local resident, Angela Farinacci for educational workshop about Essential Oils!
Whether you are an expert or not, there is always more to learn from these powerful oils. Come and learn about the basics of essential oils, what they are and how to use them and how to incorporate them into your daily life.
Presented by: Angela Farinacci, MSEd
West Islip: Thursday, September 13th
Time: 7-8pm

Alexander Technique

Learn how to use your body naturally, conserve energy, reduce and prevent back and neck pain and improve breathing voice and posture. Feel more energized and positive!!
Presented by: Gary Adelman, Certified Instructor
Huntington: Sunday, September 16th
Time: 6:30-7:30pm

Reiki & Meditation

Please join Patti Alessi, Reiki Master Teacher and learn the benefits of Reiki, followed by a guided meditation and mini Reiki session. A beautiful blend!
Presented by: Patti Alessi, Reiki Master Teacher
Hampton Bays: Monday, September 17th
Time: 12-1pm

Insulin Resistance

Learn about your fasting insulin levels and insulin resistance, please bring your questions!
Presented by: Angela Gladkowski, Certified Nutrition Health Coach
Oceanside: Tuesday, September 18th
Time: 7-8pm

Natural Approaches to Arthritis

Join Dr. Kesten and learn many natural and physical approaches to preventing and treating arthritis. Topics include whole foods, supplements, herbs, chiropractic and exercises. Don’t miss this important seminar on the natural approaches to this potentially crippling disease.
Presented by: Dr. Bruce Kesten, DC
Oceanside: Thursday, September 20th
Time: 7:15-8:15pm

Improving the Immune System Naturally

In today’s world there are so many outside elements that affect the way our immune system responds. With air and water pollution, toxic food and nutrition, more nerve stress than ever, it’s no wonder most Americans suffer from suppressed immune function. Learn about natural therapies to improve overall immune function.
Presented by: Dr. Bruce Kesten, DC
Oceanside: Thursday, September 27th
Time: 7:15-8:15pm

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