October 2019 Healthy Seminars

How to Stay Young your First 100 Years!

No such thing as a spine transplant, get your back to the future!
If you wear out your spine, there is no turning back! Learn how to keep and maintain your spine.
Presented by: Dr. Neil Donohue, DC & Wellness Consultant
Hampton Bays: Thursday, October 3rd, 6-7pm

Intermittent Fasting! Jumpstarting your Ability to Lose Weight!

Join us and learn how to give your digestive system some well-deserved rest and recuperation! Find out how to work with this inborn ability towards a skinnier and healthier you!
Presented by: Dr. Neil Donohue, DC & Wellness Consultant
Hampton Bays: Tuesday, October 8th 12-1pm

Boost your Immune System with Aromatherapy!

With fall approaching, colder climates are on the way. Despite the excitement of experiencing the joy of many of our seasonal pastimes it is also prime time for the common cold, flu and other respiratory illnesses to start buzzing around schools and workplaces. A great way to boost your immune system is through aromatherapy and using therapeutic quality essential oils. Join Angela Farinacci for tips on boosting your immune system through the use of essential oils.
Presented by: Angela Farinacci, MSEd
West Islip: Thursday, October 10th 7-8pm

What is CBD & What is it used for?

Come learn about CBD and why it is one of the best, most natural, non-psychoactive compound promoting everyday balance, health and wellness.
This informative lecture will explain the powerful benefits of CBD for heart, blood pressure, blood sugar, nervous system disorders, mood, clarity, pain control and sleep!
Presented by: Julianna Wood, Holistic Nutritionist
West Islip: Saturday, October 12th 11am-12pm

Reiki/Meditation Seminar

Join Patti Alessi, Reiki Master and learn about the health benefits of Reiki. Join in on a guided meditation and mini-Reiki session. A beautiful blend!
Presented by: Patti Alessi, Reiki Master
Hampton Bays: Monday, October 14th 12-1pm


Join Dr. Josh Siegel and find out a natural approach to manifesting health and wellness!
Presented by: Dr. Josh Siegel, DC
Oceanside: Wednesday, October 16th 7:30-8:30pm

“Squashing Inflammation” Is the Anti-Inflammatory Diet Right for You?

Everything you need to know about the anti-inflammatory diet with Dr. Dawn. Learn how to get to the root cause of your chronic condition!
Presented by: Dr. Dawn Siglain, ND
Huntington: Thursday, October 17th 7-8pm

Life Mastery Tools- It’s time to transform your dreams into reality!

Some individuals seem to navigate life with much greater results, fun and ease. So can you!! There is proven repeatable system for creating greater abundance in ALL areas of your life! It is time to transform your dreams into reality!
Presented by: Jennifer Meihofer, LMC
West Islip: Wednesday, October 23rd 7-8pm

SUGAR! “How it’s linked to Chronic Illness”

Find out how sugar and refined Carbs are linked to Chronic Disease!
Presented by: Dana Camera, CHHC
Presented by: Beth Engerson, CHHC
Oceanside: Tuesday, October 29th 7-8pm


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