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2020 Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

View Our Thanksgiving Menu Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner – $79.99 Feeds 4-6 People Vegan Loaf comes with a quart of vegan mushroom gravy. Side Choices Choice of 2 sides…2lbs each Vegan Mashed Potatoes Roasted Yams String bean Almandine Vegetable Stuffing Vegan Mac N Cheez Roasted Brussels Sprouts Roasted Potatoes Peas & Carrots Roasted Root Vegetables Red… Continue Reading →

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2020 Thanksgiving Menu

View Our Vegan Thanksgiving Menu Serves 8-10 $199 plus tax Entrée Whole Cooked Turkey Served with salad and dressing; turkey gravy; dinner rolls, fresh whole berry cranberry sauce Accompaniments 3lbs. of each Please Select Three (all also available for sale by the pound) Sweet Potato Mash Organic Carrots with Thyme Parmesan Mashed Potatoes Peas &… Continue Reading →

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It’s Pumpkin Time!!

Fall has arrived and so have all the delicious foods that we love this time of year! Stop in one of our locations and check out all of the pumpkin flavored baked goods, drinks, and meals to go that are available. If you would prefer to make your own Fall favorites our produce department has… Continue Reading →

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February 2020 Healthy Seminars

Introduction to Kemetic Yoga! Kemetic yoga is inspired by the poses on the temple walls of Egypt. Focus is placed on breath which is considered the life force. Kemetic yoga helps to develop alignment, energize the organs, and improve concentration and control thoughts and emotions. Presented by: Monique Simpson, Yoga Instructor Huntington: Wednesday, February 5th… Continue Reading →

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January 2020 Healthy Seminars

How to Stay Young your First 100 Years! Exercising’s vital role in your current and future mobility! Learn how your body is made for motion all day long and all lifelong. Learn some simple techniques to ensure core strength and durability. Find out some simple secrets to keep you moving now and in the future…. Continue Reading →

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Vegan Day At West Islip

Saturday, December 14th 12pm – 3pm Come in and sample some of the delicious vegan options we have available throughout the store. Try our store made mac and cheese, vegan chili, sausages and peppers, health breads, fudge brownies and so much more! West Islip: 478A Union Blvd Phone: 631-719-7200

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