May 2018 Healthy Seminars

Alexander Technique

Learn how to use your body naturally, conserve energy, reduce and prevent back and neck pain. Improve your breathing voice, posture and overall feel energized!
Presented by: Gary Adelman, Certified Instructor
Oceanside: Wednesday, May 2nd 7:30-8:30pm

Natural Approach to Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Heartburn is one of the many symptoms due to the epidemic of “Reflux”. Is too much stomach acid really the cause of reflux? Learn the contributing factors to reflux and the natural solutions.
Presented by: Dr. Joseph Debe’, Board Certified Nutritionist
Oceanside: Thursday, May 3rd 7-8pm

How to Stay Young your First 100 Years!

Are you already in Pain? Is it too late? Get your Mobility back!
Learn about vitality extension and morbidity compression. Find out why pain is actually the last stage of a mobility problem not the first!
Presented by: Dr. Neil Donohue, DC & Wellness Consultant
Hampton Bays: Thursday, May 3rd 6-7pm

Reiki/Meditation Seminar

Join Patti Alessi, Reiki Master and learn about the health benefits of Reiki. Join in on a guided meditation and mini-Reiki session. A beautiful blend!
Presented by: Patti Alessi, Reiki Master
Hampton Bays: Monday, May 7th 7-8pm

Screening for Colo-Rectal Cancer

Screening for colo-rectal cancer is an important component of current health care delivery in this country. Every adult in the U.S. and worldwide should be actively screened for the presence of precancerous conditions which can be detected by various screening techniques. It is important for adult Americans to understand the level of risk and become familiar with current screening procedures.
Presented by: Dr. Douglas Held, General Surgeon
Oceanside: Monday, May 7th 7-8pm

How to Turn your Body into a Muffin Top Burning Machine!

Learn the best strategy for your weight loss! Learn 25 minutes of cardio and resistance training a couple of times a week can accelerate your ability to release those stubborn extra pounds.
Presented by: Dr. Neil Donohue, DC & Wellness Consultant
Hampton Bays: Tuesday, May 8th 12-1pm

Natural Approaches to Arthritis

Join Dr. Kesten and learn many natural and physical approaches to preventing arthritis. Topics include whole foods, supplements, herbs, chiropractic and exercises. Don’t miss this seminar!
Presented by: Dr. Bruce Kesten, DC
Oceanside: Tuesday, May 8th 7-8pm

“Enjoying the Summer…living with better mobility and less pain!”

Join Dr. Allen Kaplan, and learn how to enjoy the Summer pain free!
Presented by: Dr. Allen Kaplan, DC
West Islip: Tuesday, May 8th 7-8pm

What your Doctor hasn’t told you about Cholesterol!

If you want a more thorough and empowering knowledge of cholesterol, you need to attend this lecture. Learn about the benefits and side effects of cholesterol lowering medications. Find out what causes high cholesterol in the first place.
Presented by: Dr. Joseph Debe’, Board Certified Nutritionist
Oceanside: Thursday, May 10th 7-8pm

Discover the Life Changing Power of Meditation!

Meditation has become increasingly more popular. It provides many transforming benefits including numerous physical, psychological and spiritual benefits when practiced regularly. By meditating we become relaxed and calm as we come in contact with a state of inner peace and well-being. Join us and get a sense of well-being and inner peace in your life!
Presented by: Rosanna Jimenez, CHHC
West Islip: Monday, May 14th 7-8pm
Huntington: Thursday, May 31st 7-8pm

Alzheimer’s disease

This lecture will focus on the definition of memory loss, cognitive decline and dementia. We will discuss the differences between memory changes of “normal” aging and dementia, in particular Alzheimer’s disease.
Presented by: Dr. Luca Giliberto MD
Oceanside: Wednesday, May 16th 7-8pm

Natural Management of Autoimmune Disease

What causes autoimmunity? Why do 75% of cases occur in women? Learn about autoimmune disease and the natural treatments that can be employed without causing major side effects.
Presented by: Dr. Joseph Debe’, Board Certified Nutritionist
Oceanside: Thursday, May 17th 7-8pm

The NO-Diet Weight Loss Solution (Cooking Demo included)

Gaining more energy and losing weight effortlessly no matter how busy you are can be simple. In this eventful presentation you will find out how to restore your health. In the No-diet weight loss solution you will learn about nutritious and super simple snacks you can take on the go. Learn about superfoods and their benefits and ways to combat emotional eating. Samples will be given of a flourless chocolate cake!
Presented by: Darlene Buro, Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Huntington: Saturday, May 19th 11am-12:00pm

Guided Meditation

Join Terry Corr for a guided meditation that will leave you feeling relaxed and inspired. Find out how to remove stress from your life!
Presented by: Terry Corr, Certified Meditation Facilitator
West Islip: Saturday, May 19th 11am-12:00pm

Got Allergies!

Come learn about a new technique that can help you with your allergies. Dr. Kesten uses applied kinesiology, chiropractic, acupressure and homeopathy to stop allergies in their tracks.
Presented by: Dr. Bruce Kesten, DC
Oceanside: Monday, May 21st 7:15pm-8:15pm

Arthritic Pain, Sore Joints & Inflammation!

Join us and find out which foods to avoid and which supplements to take to help relieve this problem.
Presented by: Pati Smith, Nutritional Consultant
West Islip: Wednesday, May 30th 7-8pm

Hypothyroidism-Diagnosis & Natural Treatment

Learn the many causes of hypothyroidism! Dr. Debe’ will discuss a natural program which can help improve normal thyroid function.
Presented by: Dr. Joseph Debe’, Board Certified Nutritionist
Oceanside: Thursday, May 31st 7-8pm

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