December 2019 Healthy Seminars

20 Health Tips for 2020!

Join Dana Camera Camera and Beth Engerson, Certified Health Coaches and find out how to get healthy in 2020! They are both excited to share their knowledge and help people in the community to live their best life!
Presented by: Dana Camera, CHHC
Presented by: Beth Engerson, CHHC
Oceanside: Wednesday, December 4th 7-8pm

How to Stay Young your First 100 Years!

Strong Legs, strong mind, great mobility, what’s the connection?
Learn about the relationship between leg strength and mobility to a strong mind. Learn about the spinal columns critical role in leg strength and a minds ability to function well.
Presented by: Dr. Neil Donohue, DC & Wellness Consultant
Hampton Bays: Thursday, December 5th 6-7pm

What is CBD? What is it used for?

Come and learn about CBD and why it is one of the best, most natural, non-psychoactive compound promoting everyday balance, health and wellness. This informative lecture will explain the powerful benefits of CBD for heart, blood pressure, blood sugar, pain control and sleep!
Presented by: Julianna Wood, Holistic Nutritionist
West Islip: Saturday, December 7th 11am-12pm

Healthy Gut, Healthy You!

Come learn how to eliminate bloating and learn how probiotics and how it works in the gut. Find out how to avoid diseases, even cancer, mono food, alkaline foods and the purpose of our gut and how to assist in digestion and elimination.
Presented by: Dr. Karen Lalli, DC
Hampton Bays: Saturday, December 7th 11am-12pm

New Solutions to Sustainable Weight Loss!

It was not the fat that caused all the weight gain as we have all been told; it was and is the sugar! Learn some vital information for weight loss and your overall health.
Presented by: Dr. Neil Donohue, DC & Wellness Consultant
Hampton Bays: Tuesday, December 10th 12-1pm

Holy Fire 3 Reiki Seminar

Holy Fire 3 Reiki is a new form of Reiki being introduced by the International Center for Reiki Training. It is both powerful and gentle. It heals through purification, healing empowerment and guidance. Join Reiki Master JOSEPH Graziose for a relaxing session to experience this new energy and how it can heal and guide you to make health choices.
Presented by: Joseph Graziose, Reiki Master
West Islip: Saturday, December 14th 12-1pm

How Acupuncture can help with Weight Loss!

Ditch the trendy diets and calorie counting and learn how acupuncture can help with weight loss instead! Dr. Josh will discuss how it can improve your metabolism and optimize other bodily functions, share some healthy eating tips, and give strategies for enjoying holiday indulgences.
Presented by: Dr. Josh Gutierrez, Beyond Wellness & Beyond Weight Loss
West Islip: Saturday, December 21st 11am-12pm

Reiki/Meditation Seminar

Join Patti Alessi, Reiki Master and learn about the health benefits of Reiki. Join in on a guided meditation and mini-Reiki session. A beautiful blend!
Presented by: Patti Alessi, Reiki Master
Hampton Bays: Monday, December 30th 12-1pm


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