December 2018 Healthy Seminars

Introduction to the Alexander Technique

Learn how to use your body naturally, conserve energy, reduce and prevent back and neck pain and improve breathing voice and posture. Feel more energized and positive!!
Presented by: Gary Adelman, Certified Instructor
Monday, December 3rd 7:30-8:30pm

Reversing Diabetes: Is it Possible?

Come to this important workshop and learn the 2 big lies of Type 2 Diabetes.
A staggering 10% of the US adult population has diabetes and the numbers are rising! Over time, diabetes can lead to severe health complications such as kidney failure, stroke, blindness, heart disease and more!
Presented by: Dr. Anthony Caliendo, DC
West Islip: Tuesday, December 4th 4:30-5:30pm

How to Stay Young your First 100 Years!

Join Dr. Allen Kaplan and learn how to increase mobility and add life to your years!
Presented by: Dr. Allen Kaplan, DC
West Islip: Tuesday, December 4th 7-8pm

Bring the Joys to the Holiday Season through Meditation!

Meditation has been known as a healing modality. Join Rosanna Jimenez, CHHC long time meditator as she discusses the extraordinary positive effect that meditation can have on your life. The benefits are numerous, by incorporating meditation into your daily routine, you will see changes! Don’t miss this powerful meditation technique that will enrich your life!
Presented by: Rosanna Jimenez, CHHC
West Islip: Thursday, December 6th 7-8pm
Huntington: Monday, December 10th 7-8pm

How to Stay Young your first 100 Years!

Strong legs, strong mind, great mobility! What is the connection?
Learn about the relationship between leg strength and mobility to a strong mind.
Presented by: Dr. Neil Donohue, DC & Wellness Consultant
Hampton Bays: Thursday, December 6th 6-7pm

Reiki/Meditation Seminar

Join Patti Alessi Reiki Master teacher and learn the benefits of Reiki, followed by a guided meditation and mini-Reiki session. A beautiful blend!
Presented by: Patti Alessi, Reiki Master Teacher
Hampton Bays: Monday, December 10th 12-1pm

New Solutions to Sustainable Weight Loss!

It was not the fat that caused all the weight gain as we have been told; it was and is the sugar. Learn some vital information for weight loss and your overall health!
Presented by: Dr. Neil Donohue, DC & Wellness Consultant
Hampton Bays: Tuesday, December 11th 12-1pm

“Make over your Medications Cabinet Naturally”

Essential oils are plants’ natural medicine. Pharmaceutical companies study plants extensively to replicate the plants’ medicinal properties. Please join Angela Farinacci and learn how to make over your medicine cabinet naturally! By overturning your medicine cabinet, you are less exposed to toxins and negative side effects!
Presented by: Angela Farinacci, MSEd
Oceanside: Thursday, December 13th 7-8pm

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